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The Key to Success

The Key to Success: 5 Ways to Building Mega Credibility

Written By Brian Tracy | Sales Success | December 12th, 2012 |

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The key to success as a sales professional is to sell the very most and earn the very most that you possibly can.  As it turns out it takes just as long to become a sales superstar as to remain an average performer.  The choice is up to you.
As our society becomes more and more high-tech it will require more and more high touch in the field of selling to balance it out and add value.  The better you get at selling, the more opportunities you will have.  According to recent research, fully 5% of self-made millionaires in America are salespeople who have sold for another company or companies all their lives.  The reason they are successful is because they became very, very good at selling and earned a very high income.  They then saved and invested a substantial part of their income as they went along.  And so can you.

Your Key to Success

Today it takes credibility for you to get an appointment with the customer.  But it takes mega credibility for you to get the sale.  Mega credibility is defined as credibility that is far above and beyond an appeal to just quality and service.  It is credibility that is far beyond anything your competitors might be offering at the same time, this is your key to success.

Add Value and Build Mega Credibility

There are five keys to building mega credibility and unleashing your key to success.  The first is the salesperson – yourself.  Your credibility is so important that you can make or break the sale simply by your appearance and by your personality.
There are three parts to personal mega credibility.  They are: dress, grooming, and accessories.  Top salespeople dress for success and know that everything counts.  You should read a book on the subject of dressing for success in business for men or women and then make sure that you look like the kind of person that a customer would be comfortable taking advice from, or give money to.
Look at the top salespeople in your field and then both dress and groom yourself the way they do.  Fully 95% of the first impression you make on a customer will be made by your clothes.  This is because your clothes cover 95% of your body.  Don’t leave anything to chance.
The second part of mega credibility is the reputation of your company, how long it has been in business, and how large it is.  Fully 85% of sales today are based on word of mouth.  This goes back to positioning and how your company is thought of and talked about by customers and non-customers in the marketplace.  The bigger and more positive your reputation, the easier it is for customers to accept your recommendations and to go ahead with the purchase.
The third part of mega credibility is testimonials.  A letter from a satisfied customer, a list of happy customers, or even photographs of happy customers can add value and builds mega credibility in the sales conversation.
Often, people will not buy a product or service until they know who else has bought the product or service and been happy with it.  Be sure to volunteer this information clearly in your sales conversation.
The fourth part of mega credibility is the presentation.  A well thought out, completely professional customer focused presentation can add value to the product or service and actually increases the price you can charge for it.  A good presentation builds credibility to a high degree, and the credibility overcomes the fear and misgivings that hold most customers back.
The fifth ingredient of mega credibility is the product or service itself.  Your presentation should demonstrate clearly that the customer will be much better off with what you are selling than he or she would be with a competitive product or with the money that it costs.  The sale is made in the presentation.

Everything Counts

And here is the great rule for sales success.  It is this: everything counts.  Everything counts.  Everything you do in a sales situation either helps or hurts.  It either moves you toward the sale, or moves you away.  It is either increasing your credibility or decreasing your credibility.  But nothing is neutral.  Everything counts.  All top sales professionals know that everything counts.  They leave nothing to chance.  And neither should you.
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