Tuesday, 24 July 2012

"Sales Training vs Customer Service"

"The purpose of a business is to create a customer who creates customers!"
Shiv Singh

Since I have been in the retail industry for quite a long time, I have observed that most organizations focus on "Sales Training Workshops" as in how to increase sales but very few request a training for "Improving Customer Service". guess all of us agree increasing sales will keep all of us happy and in business that's the bottom line, right...

However, what if we change our thinking to...  

Providing Great Customer Service in the first place ? 

People still haven't realized is that in order to make 'Sales', you have to provide 'Great Service.' - Preventive action saves time and creates a great company practice.

In sales training people talk about different ways of handling customer objections and using tactics to make a sale, whereas in customer service training you'll talk about focusing, listening to customers and determining what you should offer according or based on their needs. There's a slight difference between the two. One is about pushing the customer to  "BUY" while the other is about building a relationship based on trust and the right information. Sales is a short term numbers game, whereas customer satisfaction is a long term game.

Why not combine "Sales Training & Customer Service" training and make it compulsory for all front-line associates of the organization to go through this training on a regular basis. 

 "People expect good service but few are willing to give it."
Robert Gateley

Do you know of organizations who deliver Customer Satisfaction...? 

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